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Friday, September 18, 2015

In Terms of a Number of Significant Criteria, Louisiana is the Worst State for Drivers

Why are driving statistics  in Louisiana the highest in all of the United States? 

Unfortunately for Louisiana residents, driving statistics attest to the face that this state has the worst track record in:

  • Fatal crashes
  • Cost of insurance premiums
  • Cost of gas
  • Number of stolen cars
  • Average lengths of commutation
  • Annual cost of automotive repairs

This  is, obviously, grim news for Louisiana residents who pay the price for these stats , not only with their dollars, but with their lives. A trooper with the Louisiana State Police has reported that his team deals with an average of one vehicular accident every 2 minutes, a crash involving an injury every 7.5 minutes and a crash involving a fatality every 12 hours.  Partly as a result of this data,  Louisiana drivers ,  pay an average of $1,280 annually for car insurance, more than a third higher than the rest of country. This is serious food for thought if you are living in, or even simply driving through, Louisiana, since the chances of causing, or becoming the victim of, a fatality in this state are the sixth highest in the nation.  Even automobile repair costs in Louisiana appear in a list of the top ten.

Reasons for the high rates of car accidents, injuries, and fatalities that clearly contribute to the high cost of automobile insurance in the state are being closely examined. One causative factor to be considered is the relatively high rate of natural disasters in the state (e.g. Hurricane Katrina) which, in turn, leads to an increased crime rate.  Alcohol abuse also contributes to the problem here, as it does elsewhere in the nation.  Although state highway officials report an overall decline in impaired driving fatalities in Louisiana during the last decade, alcohol continues to be a factor in more than 40 percent of the state's highway deaths.  It has also been shown that more than the average number of people claim injuries after auto accidents in Louisiana than in other states, though the reasons for this are unclear.

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